mä brings together men’s organizations and groups, individuals and couples as well as professionals working on boys’, men’s, and fathers’ issues in Switzerland. As the the umbrella organization of men’s and father’s organizations advocating for gender equality in Switzerland, mä has been working since 2005 to ensure that men do not miss the opportunity to participate in the struggle for gender equality—or miss out on its results. We view emancipation as the historic opportunity to realize equal opportunities and gender justice for everyone. We believe gender equality offers boys, men, and fathers entirely new opportunities to live their lives free from the obligation to act as the provider and to measure their self-worth based on their job performance. Let’s use this opportunity—time to make change happen!

MenCare is a global fatherhood campaign to promote men’s involvement as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers.. Following two years of prep work, the time has finally come: mä is launching MenCare as a national program in Switzerland. We will celebrate the public launch with a small celebration on May 30, 2016. We invited Swedish photographer Johan Bävman to help us promote the launch of MenCare Switzerland. The result of his efforts is the photo exhibition MenCare, which will celebrate its opening at our launch celebration. 

Publishing Date: 
28. January 2016
Markus Theunert

Our office is growing once more: 26-year old Robert Lutz (left) and 33-year old Nicolas Zogg (right) have joined the mä team. This means we now have four employees working the equivalent hours of two full-time positions. 

At the January 23, 2016 meeting of our members, Markus Gygli was unanimously chosen as the next President of mä Members clapped long and hard for the terrific engagement founding President Markus Theunert has shown. Simultaneously, our members decided to support the launch of a petition for a referendum to institute 20 days of paternity leave. 

There are no upcoming events yet.