A Meaningful Work Life

Overarching Goals

  • Equal distribution of paid and unpaid work between men and women. This requires substantial advocacy in the political arena.
  • Men are able to choose as much or as little hours at work as they want, free from the outdated requirements of masculinity.
  • Gainful employment and care work are equally valuable in the personal narratives of individual men as well as societal perceptions—although, at different points in life, one type of work may take precedence over the other.
  • Performance requirements are compatible with a healthy lifestyle; and working conditions leave room for a social life, are reasonable, and gender-just. 


  • Flexible work time arrangements (based on cumulative hours per week and per year) that accommodate spending time with one’s family
  • Part-time and job sharing models—but not just for executives and fathers
  • Legally enshrined parental leave for fathers and a right to reinstatement at work after taking time off for family reasons
  • Recognition of family care work and communal work as professional experience
  • Active promotion of work arrangements that take into account the responsibilities of fatherhood and regard daily engagement on the part of fathers as valuable
  • Health promotion at work tailored to the needs of men
  • Equal retirement age for men and women

Immediate Objective

We would like to see 20% of men working only part-time by 2020. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 370,000 of the 2.4 million men in Switzerland work part time. Therefore, the rate is currently 15.9%. 


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