A Sensible Approach to Sexuality

Overarching Goals

  • Sexuality is no longer policed using particular moral conceptions. Instead, it is understood that we must protect people: bodily intimacy and sexual acts occur based on mutual consent granted by communicative people in control of their mental faculties. Rather than reinforcing moral sentiments, the state protects the weak and takes this duty seriously.
  • No more discrimination; instead, diversity is embraced: political decisions about education, health, urban planning, and security are based on an understanding of sexuality that envisions justice and fairness for people regardless of biological and cultural attributes.
  • Sexual liberation: men work to take sexual diversity seriously and help develop it. They are confident about their sexuality and embrace all its aspects (attentive to legal proscriptions and without exploiting others) when it comes to themselves, casual encounters, or relationships. 


  • Sex education prevents abuse and suffering: the school constitutes a crucial site where it is possible to transmit realistic and diverse views about sexuality (again, attentive to legal proscriptions) to students. Professionals in the education, health, and care sectors must be trained to handle questions about sexuality in their professional lives.
  • Ethical dealings in the sex work sector: develop a seal of approval for fair sex work. Sex workers deserve full legal recognition as workers and human beings.
  • Responsibility for nline media and behavior: to prevent and minimize problematic consumption of sexual content online, parents require knowledge and need to be attentive; youth and adults in general need to build competencies for navigating media and pornographic materials.
  • Stop abusing the abuse trope: protect men from the general suspicion that they are sexual harrassers and abusers. Especially courts dealing with divorce cases must examine suspicions of abuse with care and free from prejudice.
  • Stop sexual harrassment through advertising: standards of integrity in advertising also entail eliminating misandric content and protecting men from unwanted sexual stimuli.

Immediate Objective 

We know from experience that sex-related topics enflame the imagination and make rational discussion difficult. Therefore, we purposefully have not developed binding objectives for our advocacy efforts. Our committee on sexuality/politics of sexuality continues to address this topic, however. We will alert the public about any major developments in this regard


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