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Board of Directors

Markus Gygli

Markus has been a member of the Board of Directors of mä since the founding of the organization in 2005. The Swiss Federal Council selected him in 2013 as representative of mä on the Federal Commission for Women’s Issues. Prior to his presidency at mä, he served as Vice President of mä and President of the regional organization männer.bern. He works full-time in human resources at SBB in Bern.

Markus lives in Bern with his partner and their daughter.


Daniel Seeholzer
Vice President

Daniel joined the Board of Directors of mä in 2011. He became Vice President and Treasurer in 2016. As NPO-Manager,  he leads the organization Lighthouse Basel.

Er lebt mit Familie in Basel.




Hansjürg Sieber

Hansjürg has been serving on the Board of Directors of mä since 2011. His presence on the board ensures our connection to the Board of Directors of the Netzwerks Schulische Bubenarbeit and the Fachkommission für Gleichstellung [Commission for Gender Equality] of the canton of Bern. Hansjürg served for many years as professor and gender specialist at the Institut für Weiterbildung [Institute for Continuing Education] of the Pädagogische Hochschule Bern. He retired in 2014 but continues to serve mä despite spending more and more time in his adopted home country France.

He raised two children as a single dad and is grandfather to two children.



Jean-Daniel Strub
Board Memberg

Jean-Daniel is an independent ethicist and joined the board of mä in 2016. He has been serving as a member of the city council of Zürich since 2008 and became Vice President of the SP fraction of the council in 2010.

Jean-Daniel lives in Zürich with his family.

Armon Fortwängler
Board Memberg

Armon has been an engaged member of mä since the founding of the organization and joined the board in 2011. At first an engine fitter, Armon later studied social pedagogy and now works at an outpatient psychiatric facility.

He lives in Zürich with his wife and her two daughters.