Dad Test

How well do you know your children?

1. What are your children’s favorite games and activities?

2. What are your children’s favorite foods? Which of those foods are you able to prepare for them yourself?

3. What size clothes/shoes do your children wear?

4. What are the names of your children’s friends

5. What are your children’s favorite athletes, musicians, and movie and TV stars?

6. What subjects do you children do well in at school, and for which ones do they need support?

7. Which teachers do your children like/dislike?

8. Are your children popular? Do they get invited to birthday parties?

9. Are your children ever bullied? Who do they have trouble getting along with?

10. Do you know your children’s pediatrician(s)? What was the last illness one of your children suffered from?

11. What were the highlights of the last few days for your children?

12. What do your children like to play, learn, or do with you but no one else?

13. What have your praised your children for recently?

14. What has made your children sad recently?

15. What do your children refuse to talk about with you? What do they refuse to talk to anyone but you about?

16. What have you learned together with your children recently (in terms of physical or cognitive skills)?

17. What did you and your children laugh about together recently?

Test inspired by the men’s magazine “Paps - Die Welt der Väter” 

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