Involved Fathers

Overarching Goals 

  • Family-oriented politics is worthy of being called by this name in Switzerland. The concerns of boys and fathers are included in the political agenda as a matter of course.
  • Both parents share the responsibility for the emotional and material wellbeing of children equally. Work arrangements empower fathers to spend time with their children on a daily basis and be present during all phases of life, no matter what the familial arrangement may be. Paid and unpaid work are shared equally.
  • Lovers become divorced, but parents stick together: even after separation or divorce, both parents continue to share caregiving responsibilities for children equally. 


  • Upgrade political measures targeting families: create a federal ministry for families and build a department for the concerns of boys and fathers.
  • Parental leave for fathers: introduce the legal right to spend time at home following the birth of a child.
  • Respect the intention of the lawmakers: courts must implement the revisions of the childcare and child support laws in the progressive manner prescribed by the parliament.
  • Caregiving within the family is community service: employed citizens who become fathers deserve the right to take time off as well as return at a later point without facing penalities.
  • The right to know: all involved in a pregnancy should have the right to demand a paternity test. 

Immediate Objective 

In 2016, mä—together with the Swiss Institute for Men and Gender Issues (SIMG)—will launch the national program MenCare Switzerland to push for a debate concerning the topic of fatherhood.

On January 23, 2016, our members voted to launch a petition for a referendum seeking to legally grant paternity leave for a minimum of at least 20 days. Signature collection will start in May 2016. 


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