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mä brings together regional men’s initiatives; interested individuals, couples, and companies; as well as professionals working on boys’, men’s, and fathers’ issues. Our broad constituency allows us to continue building on the legacy of the men’s gender equality movement of the 1980s and 1990s. Below is a list of our current organizational members.

Avanti Papi – Progressive Swiss Fathers

“Who are we? Well, that’s simple. Of course, we are all primarily dads (or going to be soon). We all think that our children need more than just the money we earn to pay for diapers and food. In Switzerland, children on average spend 20 minutes with their dads and 73 minutes in front of the TV. We want to change that!”

Casa Fidelio

“We are a professional organization tackling addiction. Our approach is gender-specific and geared toward adult men.”

Fachstelle Gewalt Bern 

“The Fachstelle Gewalt Bern advocates for nonviolence in communities in the canton of Bern. Counseling and therapy for violent individuals form the core of our work. We work individually with our clients to create new ways to resolve conflict; help them handle hurt, powerlessness, and agression; and we support them in applying these newfound skills in their daily lives.

“mä is the regional-cantonal forum for men’s issues and gender dialogue in the canton of Graubünden.”


“ForumMann is a men’s initiative in Eastern Switzerland. Our membership comprises men of different age groups, with various backgrounds, occupations, and lifestyles. We draw on diverse experiences, opinions, and political views, and thus benefit from rich and engaging exchanges in the context of our men-specific programming.“

IG Bubenarbeit

“IG Bubenarbeit brings together men who work with children or adolescents and tackle gender issues in the context of their work (or would like to). IG Bubenarbeit provides group settings for addressing concrete practical questions arising in the context of working with boys and collaboratively identifying solutions. We draw on the experiences of our participants and develop ideas to resolve problems arising in the context of work using unique and effective approaches. By reflecting on the day-to-day work of our participants, we improve the performance of professionals and strengthen their self-understanding.

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Institut Gewaltberatung Prävention

“The Institut Gewaltberatung Prävention [Institute for Violence Prevention Counseling] is a professional office that fights violence and advocates for nonviolent behavior.  The association that maintains our office is the Verein Gewaltberatung. We support individuals and institutions interested in a deeper engagement with the topic of violence. We offer counseling, continuing education, seminars, or lectures using the principles of the Hamburg Model (GHM®). We serve the Northwestern area of Switzerland.”

Mannebüro Luzern

“ is a charitable association of men working on behalf of men in central Switzerland. The association advocates for a culture in which men and women are able to meet each other as equals and partners. We tackle men’s issues and advocate for nonviolent behavior among men as well as between men and women.”


“On January 24, 2013, männer.bern was founded as a regional section of mä männer.bern serves as a forum for men’s issues for the canton of Bern and fights for the consideration of the needs of boys and men in the design or revision of support services in the education, employment, family, health, and social sectors. The organization conducts political advocacy concerning the perspectives, interests, and needs of boys and men in the canton of Bern.“


Männerbüro Region Basel

“Since 1995, the Männerbüro Region Basel has been advising and supporting men facing crises or major life changes. Our qualified professionals will work with you to develop individualized solutions and open up new perspectives.”



“To palaver means talking with a diverse group of men about crucial topics in life. When participants congregate in our sharing circles, anyone is permitted to speak.  Only one person speaks while the others listen. Themes are elaborated further and whoever wants to can contribute additional insights along the way. Personal experience, spontaneous thoughts, even unfinished ideas have the potential to come together in the form of astonishing new insights.” In the winter months, sharing circles take place on a regular basis in six Swiss cities (Basel, Luzern, Thun, Uster, Zug, Zürich).


“Männerzeitung is a magazine that is published four times annually and deals with the topics of love, work, family, sex, and health. The articles are written from a men’s perspective and strive to be unagitated, concrete, to the point, and personal. Männerzeitung showcases the reality of men’s lives in a factual manner and examines the myth of masculinity. It shines the spotlight on political conditions that contribute to balanced lives for men in Switzerland. Männerzeitung moves beyond common cliches, offers facts, opens up discussion about men’s issues in a political context, and offers portraits of men whose lives do not agree with traditional social conceptions of what it means to be a man. Männerzeitung is the platform for the organized progressive men’s movement for gender equality in Swityerland. We maintain an event calendar year-round.”


MännerZug is an independent, nonpartisan, interdenominational nonprofit. Based in the canton of Zug, the organization welcomes all men. MännerZug works with men regardless of their life circumstances and supports the strengths and potentials of work with men—passionately, self-critical, and continually.”

Netzwerk Schulische Bubenarbeit 

The Netzwerk Schulische Bubenarbeit [Network for Work with Boys in Schools] is an association of individuals and institutions in the German part of Switzerland that seek to strengthen gender-related work with boys and male teenagers in schools: in the classroom, through projects, in the daily school life of boys, as well as in the education and training of teachers.”

Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz

The foundation Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz [Sexual Health Switzerland] brings together professionals and institutions in the sexual and reproductive health arena. It operates an institute dedicated to the topic of men’s health.”

Teilzeit AG

Teilzeit AG operates the largest online portal for part-time positions in Switzerland and is an implemenation partner of the project DER TEILZEITMANN [The Part-Time Man] run by mä

Väter & Karriere

“Väter und Karriere” [Fathers and Careers] has been working with companies, government agencies, universities, and other organizations for 10 years to support them in attaining greater awareness of father’s needs within their organizational structures.”

Verein für Männerfragen (Liechtenstein)

“The organization Liechtensteiner Verein für Männerfragen promotes understanding and acceptance of various aspects of manhood in the context of present-day social changes. It also develops programmatic supports for related topics. At the core of the organization’s work are four topics: family and work; role and identity; religion and spirituality; and body and spirit.”

Zürcher Oberländer Väterverein (ZOVV)

“The Zürcher Oberländer Väter Verein ZOVV [the Association of Father’s in the Oberland of Zürich] was founded in 2005 to continue work on a project going on at the time targeted toward fathers. We organize joint activities tailored toward fathers, fathers and children, as well as the family as a whole. ZOVV is politically independent and interdenominational but definitely not nonpartisan. We advocate for a political climinate that is family-friendly and children-friendly and we support real equality for women and men. By “real equality“, we mean that men need to be able to spend more time with their children and thus we demand more possibilities to share gainful employment and family work among men and women—men need part-time positions!“

mä is also the parent organization for the

Swiss Institute for Men and Gender Issues (SIMG)

“The founding of the Swiss Institute for Men and Gender Issues (SIMG) in December 2014 represents another milestone in the development of work with men in Switzerland. Until the founding of SIMG, there was no place for adressing men’s issues as whole, in a coordinated fashion and with the possibility for new developments on a national level. There was only the political advocacy of mä The new institute means that now there is a novel partner for the media, educational institutions, and gender studies experts, introducing the perspectives of boys, fathers, and men concerning the advancement of gender justice. An institute with this explicit orientation is unique in the European arena so far. In accordance with the guidance provided in the preamble of the bylaws of mä, SIMG will develop activities in various domains. This will include pilot projects, research projects, creating collaborations with other organizations, consulting tasks, as well as training and continuing education. SIMG offers the opportunity to further develop an domain of expertise that can be used in political advocacy and, of course, SIMG also inspires the work of mä