Markus Gygli Is the New President of mä

23 Jan 16
Markus Theunert

At the January 23, 2016 meeting of our members, Markus Gygli was unanimously chosen as the next President of mä Members clapped long and hard for the terrific engagement founding President Markus Theunert has shown. Simultaneously, our members decided to support the launch of a petition for a referendum to institute 20 days of paternity leave. 

mä, the umbrella organization of men’s and father’s organizations advocating for gender equality in Switzerland, was founded on June 28, 2005 as the voice of those men who want to ensure that boys, men, and fathers do not miss the opportunity to participate in the struggle for gender equality—or miss out on its results.

Without any opposing votes, the members of mä chose Markus Gygli as the new President of mä at the extraordinary meeting of members on January 23, 2016. Markus Gygli has been a member of the Board of Directors of mä since the founding of the organization and became Vice President in 2015. He has  been serving as the representative of mä on the Eidgenössische Kommission für Frauenfragen since 2013. Markus is a father and, in his professional life, works in executive recruitment at SBB.

Founding President Markus Theunert stepped back from the presidency and will now serve as the first Secretary General to direct operations for mä He received much applause for his work on the board and was welcomed enthusiastically in his new role.

Daniel Seeholzer will take over as the next Vice President. Additionally, Jean-Daniel Strub has been voted onto the board.

On the same day, the members accepted unanimously (with one abstention) the proposal of the board to head up a petition for a referendum, together with TravailSuisse and other organizations, to anchor 20 days of paternity leave within the law. Signatures will be collected starting in May.

For follow-up questions, please contact:

Markus Gygli, Tel. 079 757 79 91

Markus Theunert, 079 238 85 12,
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