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mä brings together men’s organizations and groups, individuals and couples as well as professionals working on boys’, men’s, and fathers’ issues in Switzerland. As the the umbrella organization of men’s and father’s organizations advocating for gender equality in Switzerland, mä has been working since 2005 to ensure that men do not miss the opportunity to participate in the struggle for gender equality—or miss out on its results. We view emancipation as the historic opportunity to realize equal opportunities and gender justice for everyone. We believe gender equality offers boys, men, and fathers entirely new opportunities to live their lives free from the obligation to act as the provider and to measure their self-worth based on their job performance. Let’s use this opportunity—time to make change happen!

mä is a membership organization with headquarters in the canton of Bern. In accordance with our bylaws, mä serves “as the national forum for the perspectives of, and issues pertaining to, boys, men, and fathers as we negotiate the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of comprehensive gender justice. mä sees itself as an umbrella organization that takes on issues raised by regional men’s organizations and others engaged in boys’, men’s, and fathers’ work and elevates them to the national level. mä supports gender equality, in legislative frameworks as well as actual implementation, and people-friendly social and economic structures.”

mä views itself as a builder of bridges and part of a larger alliance in the context of this work. On the national level, we collaborate for instance with alliance F (Alliance of Swiss Women’s Organizations), GeCoBi (Coalition for Sharing Parenting Obligations), TravailSuisse (trade union representing Swiss workers), the organization  GleichbeRICHTIGOperation Libero, and FDP Frauen; and we are a member of Pro Familia Schweiz (the umbrella organization for organizations working on family policies). We also participate in the Eidgenössischen Kommission für Frauenfragen (Federal Commission for Women’s Issues). Internationally, we work in close collaboration with the German-speaking umbrella organizations Bundesforum Männer (Germany) and Dachverband Burschen-, Männer- und Väterarbeit DMÖ (Austria), and we are a member of the global network MenEngage

mä is officially recognized as a charitable organization. In accordance with the June 11, 2015 decision of our Board of Directors, mä is working to obtain the ZEWO-seal for nonprofits in Switzerland. Additionally, mä is listed in the commercial register of the canton of Bern.. Weiter ist der Verein im Handelsregister des Kantons Bern eingetragen. 

mä attaches great importance to professional and transparent leadership. We therefore publish all of our annual reports and financial reports annual reports und financial reports

Per vote of our membership, the Schweizerische Revisionsgesellschaft serves as our auditing firm.  

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