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Position Statements

The core issues mä is concerned with are work, family, sexuality, and education. 


A Meaningful Work Life

Men find self-affirmation in their work. They are happy to expend a lot of energy at their jobs, in the family, and in their free time. Balancing these competing demands is challenging. To do so, men need not only an understanding of proper self-care but also adequate labor conditions and supportive political frameworks.

mä advocates for a work ethic that is fair to men as well as people-friendly overall. We envision a sustainable economic culture that takes men seriously as people; suppports balanced growth in the economic, personal, and social domains; and does not employ greed as an economic motivator but rather strives for a culture of economic cooperation.

We are passionate in our belief that paid and unpaid labor should be distributed equally between men and women.



Involved Fathers 

Children have a right to daily contact with both parents. Young fathers increasingly think of themselves as engaged parents with the same responsibilities as mothers. However, we need both role models and political measures so that men can spend more time at home, rather than just being there to earn money for the household and only seeing the children late at night after work. Our values are changing: how do men find their place within the family once they are no longer regarded as the traditional “head of the family”?

mä advocates for political measures supportive of fathers. We want fathers to be able to be genuine life partners and daily caregivers for their children—beginning at birth, and not only if they are financially well off, separated, or divorced.


A Sensible Approach to Sexuality

Sexuality is not just something we are born with: it is something each one of us learns; but it is shaped by our culture, and there are sexual norms within all social spaces. Both men and women often often know way too little about how diverse sexuality is. Mostly, our understanding of sexuality is informed by errors in judgment as well as prejudice. Both genders have started exploring new avenues in regard to sexuality. We must not treat this as only a private affair: education, health promotion, and protecting the integrity of each individual are central responsibilities of the state. This is true for sexuality too.

mä sees itself as part of a progressive alliance looking to develop a sensible approach to sexuality that a mature society deserves. We do not want to villify, privatize, or commercialize sexuality. Instead, we advocate for a politics of sexuality that protects individual freedom and integrity; strengthens responsible behavior and a general attitude of openness; reduces power imbalances and fear; and prevents abuse and violence. We strongly believe that the sexual is the political. 


Gender-Sensitive Education

Education lays the foundation for the vocational, social, and personal development of men and women. It has a crucial impact on the types of role models used to raise boys and girls as men and women respectively. mä takes a critical stance toward the claim that “feminized education” is responsible for the failure of boys to perform well in school settings. We believe the problem runs much deeper. We demand gender-sensitive education that is just to both boys and girls and helps them transform their potential into success. This type of education must constantly reflect about the fact that some groups of children suffer more than others if the education system fails to live up to these responsibilities.